Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Playing Dress Up

Rachel loves to play dress up. This particular day, Rachel looks like a bag lady, a cute bag lady, but nonetheless a bag lady.

Monday, January 29, 2007

More Adventures with Rachel

So I've been struggling with naptime since the beginning of last week. Rachel continued to climb out of her crib everyday, making naptime a struggle, also resulting in her not taking a nap. She did however, take a nap yesterday after church in her crib!!! Praise the Lord!!!

This afternoon, we laid her in her crib and told her not to get out of her crib. She cried and fussed for a while and then became silent. I went to check on her and she had indeed stayed in her crib, and fallen asleep!!! Everything had been tossed from her crib...her pillow, her blankie, her Mickey Mouse, including her tights and her DIAPER!!! She was completely naked from the waist down!

I figured she was asleep, in her crib, therefore I left her that way!!! LOL. Time to perhaps get out the training pants.

Oh and in regards to Rachel climing out of her crib, we went out last week and found her a big girl bed. We'll be picking it up the end of the week and hopefully putting it up then.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Both the girls had dental appointments this afternoon. This dental clinic is the School of Denistry at the medical center in which Rachel gets all of her cleft affected treatment and care.

Just like last time, Rachel did AWESOME! This time they even took X-Rays and she cooperated perfectly! They were amazed at how well she did for those. It was pretty amazing to see an X-Ray of her upper teeth where her cleft gum is. She kept the apron on and kept the little films in her mouth just like they asked her to. Her teeth all checked out fine. They said her teeth are pretty close together for baby teeth and that we needed to start flossing her teeth. She also has two more molars to come in. But all in all, it was a great appointment and we're to go back again in 6 months.

Adventures with Rachel

This afternoon on my way to pick up Hannah from school, I stopped at Starbucks to get an ice tea. While waiting for my drink, Rachel starts to pull her pants down, down low enough to show everyone her cute little butt cheeks. I pull her pants up and thought to myself, she must have loosened one of the tabs on her diaper because it wasn't up where it should be.

I got to the car, pulled her pants down to fix her diaper, and discovered there was NO diaper! I asked Rachel where her diaper was, she said it was in Hannah's Room. So, the wetness of her pants that I thought was a result of her being outback with me hosing off the new cement, was really a result of her not having a diaper on.

Any other day, this really wouldn't have been a big problem, except today, as soon as we picked Hannah up from school, we were off to dental appointments for both girls. There was NO time to run home for a change of clothes, nor was there time to run into Walmart and puy a pair of pants. Thank goodness I had a big bag of clothes that Rachel had outgrown in the back of the van. I found a pair of pants, she looked like she was expecting a flood, but at least her pants weren't wet. LOL

We found Rachel's diaper this evening, just where Rachel said it was...in Hannah's room.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Watching the Grass Disappear

We officially had construction start on our backyard patio and side yard this morning. Rachel stood at the sliding door and watched as they cut the grass from underneath and rolled it into big rolls and hauled it to the front yard.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nap Time Struggle

On Friday, I laid Rachel down for a nap in her crib just like always. After about forty five minutes of her talking and hollaring to get out, it was obvious she wasn't going to actually fall asleep. Just as I was about ready to go in and get her up, the phone rang. And while I was on the phone, out comes Rachel from her room with this huge smile on her face. I asked Steven if he had gotten Rachel up out of her crib, Nope. Much to my dismay, Rachel had climbed out of her crib!! She was so proud of herself too.

So today, she kept saying she wanted to sleep in Hannah's bed. So we attempted to let her nap in Hannah's bed. That didn't work. She tossed Hannah's pillows and blankets to the floor and even managed to pull the bedspread off the bed. Into her crib she went. But I lowered the side, just in case she tried to climb out, there wouldn't be such a fall. She hollared and protested for a few minutes and then it became silent. I went to check on her, and this is how I found her, out of her crib on the floor, completely covered by her Nemo blankie and pillow...asleep. Whatever works and gets her to rest, and whatever gets me an hours reprieve. LOL. Now I need to go fix Hannah's bed before she gets home from school.

Home from Gramie's

The girls came home from Gramie's yesterday afternoon, and just like last time, Rachel came home a Major Grouch. Oh my gosh, throwing a fit before Steven even got her out of the car. It was BAD. Even made me question whether or not sending her away for the two days is worth the peace and quiet, for her to come home throwing such a fit. I decided this morning, after she went to bed early and had a good nights rest and was back to her normal self, it's worth it. LOL.

Friday, January 19, 2007

To Gramies for the Weekend

Gramie came and picked up the girls this afternoon for the weekend.
Rachel was ready to go, and insisted on pulling her own suitcase.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rachel and Gracie

They look so sweet, don't they?
Don't let them fool you, they're 2!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


For Christmas, I put together a little photo book of all the pictures I had of Rachel with the characters at Disneyland. Nothing fancy or elborate, pictures just put in a little album from the dollar store. For days, whenever she looks through her little book, she points to her picture with Ariel, or with Mickey Mouse and says "I go". Translation: she wants to go to Disneyland. LOL. Ahhh, that's my girl.

After dropping Hannah off at school this morning, despite the prediction for rain and cold weather, Rachel and I headed to Disneyland for a few hours. While it didn't rain, it was cloudy, and pretty chilly. But we had a great time walking on rides, some not getting off and riding over and over again. Gotta love the off season!
Taking a spin on the Teacups
Enjoying a ride aboard the Casey Jr. Circus Train

In front of the 'Partners Statue'

For some reason, Rachel has this fascination with musicals,
needless to say, she was excited to see Mary Poppins and Bert.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeding The Ducks...Again

Ever since going to feed the ducks last week, Rachel's been wanting to do it again. She let her request be known last night when we were driving to Karate and drove past the entrance to the park where the ducks are. She's one smart kid!

While we were at the store this morning, I picked up some cheap loaves of bread (.68 cents a loaf) and we went to feed the ducks again. For some reason, 3 1/2 loaves of bread wasn't enough, not for the ducks, but for Rachel. All the way home she kept saying, "more bread for duck duck". I couldn't resist in sharing a couple cute pictures.

Monday, January 08, 2007

White Belt Wanna Be

Sporting Hannah's White Belt this evening during Karate.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeding the Ducks

Hannah is spending some time at Gramma and Papa's house before her Christmas vacation comes to an end next week. So this afternoon Rachel and I went to the park and fed the ducks. Little did I know that the half of loaf of stale bread wasn't going to be enough. The ducks were hungry and everywhere!! There were quite a few people there feeding the ducks and it seemed as though that still wasn't enough. Rachel had such a great time! She has no fear. Mommy does when it comes to the big geese so I put Rachel atop a picnic table and tore the bread into pieces for her to toss. She was very disappointed when our bread ran out and kept saying "more bread". Perhaps we'll go to the bread outlet when she gets up from her nap and go back.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Disneyland with Friends

Some family friends got Disneyland Annual Passes for Christmas. Since the kids don't go back to school until next week, we were going to go in a couple of days, just us moms and the kids, but both the dads had the day off so our two families went together and had a great time! We weren't planning on staying all day, but ended up staying the entire day!We started the day off in Disneyland. But due to the crowds, we made our way over to California Adventure in hopes of it not being as crowded, while it wasn't as crowded, it was busier than normal.

One of the things we were really interested in seeing at California Adventure was the High School Musical Pep Rally. The girls and I had seen this once before, but it was from the side. So we wanted to see it again from the front, we got center stage seats and had a great view. This street show is based on the hit movie, High School Musical, a movie we own and have watched time and time again. Rachel loves the movie, infact, she loves any movie that is a musical. When they got to the point of the show where they invite kids to join the fun and come out and dance, Rachel didn't waste any time in jumping right up and going out, she then came back, first grabbing Hannah's hand, then Zach's hand, and finally Alex's hand, all of them rejecting Rachel's invitation to join her. But she didn't let that stop her, she turned around and went back out and danced alone...with the help of a Cast Member.
Watching the fireworks.
We spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening in California Adventure. We ended the day by going back into Disneyland to watch the Holiday Fireworks and Snow. A great way to end a trip to Disneyland! Looking forward to many more trips with our friends in the coming year.