Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent / Teacher Conference and a Speech Update

This afternoon was our Parent/Teacher conference with Rachel's teacher, Mrs. Maingot. The conference went very well and she's already proving to be advanced in her Language Arts and Math! She listens well, follows directions, and has a great interest for learning. We were very pleased with how her first trimester of Kindergarten has gone.

Last Friday, we met with the Speech Therapist, the Assistant Principal, and with Rachel's teacher to talk about the need for further evaluation of her speech. It was a very short meeting whereas the teacher expressed her concerns, the Speech Therapist addressed what she saw in her initial brief screening, and we expressed our concerns. The next step is for a full Speech Evaluation and then we'll meet again to set up an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), and then she'll begin Speech Therapy.

It's such a process with the public school system. But I'm thankful it's available and soon she'll be getting the services she needs. And it'll be school based which means the teacher will know whats going on, and can help in the classroom, etc. We go off track the end of next week for three weeks and then back for three weeks in December and then it's Christmas break, so more than likely, Speech won't begin until January.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Walk

This morning was our schools annual Pumpkin Walk. Room Moms solicit donated pumpkins for their own class as prizes and then each class had an assigned time to come and walk the circle in attempts of landing on the chosen number.

Rachel was so excited to get to participate this year. She was even more excited when her number was a winning number and she got to choose a pumpkin from the pile of pumpkins donated to our class. She was very pleased with her choice - a pumpkin with pink fuzzy hair!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Build A Bear

For her birthday, Rachel received a Build A Bear outfit and two gift cards! With Hannah away at a birthday party this afternoon, Rachel saw it as the perfect opportunity to ask to go to Build A Bear, and that's what we did!

First, we made the exchange of the outfit as she already had it. And then we discovered how much was on one of the gift cards, and figured out just how much money Rachel had to spend! And then it was off to pick her animal. She chose a brown bear, whom she named "Browny", pronounced Brownie.And then time for stuffing....And time for dressing...
She chose a leopard print outfit, which fits her wild personality to a tee.And a final shot before paying for all the goods...Two boxes you might ask?? Well, Rachel had enough money to buy Hannah a bear, in which she also put a Hannah Montana voice box into, just for her. Such a sweet sister...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Harvest Party

This evening, our family participated in a good old fashioned Harvest Party where you came dressed as scarecrows and made carmel apples and just had a lot of fun. There were no signs of witches, ghosts, or goblins. It was a great, great night and the girls had a ton of fun.

Because I had an activity table, we arrived early to set up. Rachel was more than delighted to play with her friends, and played and played and played with her friends all night long. We ended up staying long past the party ended and visiting with a few other couples and Rachel literally kept going until we left at 11:30. She had so much fun. And was one dirty scarecrow by the end of the night. One of the table activities was a fabric pumpkin. Rachel was so proud of her pumpkin. She made it with no help from Mommy or Daddy!What could be more fun then wrapping your own carmel apple and adding mini M&M's to it!?!? Rachel loves apples. And she loves her M&Ms. So it made for a perfect combination!The evening was a great time of food, fellowship, and lots and lots of fun!