Saturday, March 20, 2010

Roller Skating

Hannah had a birthday party to go to this afternoon at a roller skating rink, and since Rachel likes to skate, we paid for her to get in and skate. She just keeps getting better and better with her skating. She even said this time she wants her birthday to be a skating birthday. LOL.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Perfect Attendance Assembly

Our Elementary School has a big problem with attendance, late arrivals, and early dismissals. So to start encouraging the positive, a new reward incentives program started this trimester to encourage students to come to school on time, everyday, all day.

Both our girls had perfect attendance for the trimester, as well as made it to school on time everyday, and never left school early. It's a big accomplishment! Rachel was recognized in the assembly for the Kindergartners through third grade. All students received a special certificate, as well as coupons for the local miniature golf park. And then at each grade level, all the names of the kids were placed into a bucket and then drawn for the chance of a bike, or two $25 American Express Gift Cards. Each grade level had three big winners. The Kindergartners were the first to be called and recognized. Rachel was one of two in her class recognized, and one of the fourteen Kindergartners. There are 100 Kindergartners in the school. The first name to be pulled out of the bucket wins a bike and new helmet. The first name the principal pulled out of the bucket....RACHEL! Whoo Hooo! She was so excited to win a bike!The bike designated for the Kindergartners was too small for her, so after the assembly, we traded it for a bigger bike. Grandpa Steve surprised the girls and showed up at for the assemblies and he wheeled Rachel out to the car on her new set of wheels!After Hannah got out of school, we went to Dairy Queen with Gramma and then it was home for a combined special reward from Mom and Dad for the awesome report cards and perfect attendance this trimester. It was a cool Beach House Lego Set!
The perfect attendance assemblies were a great way to kick start going off track and coming back fresh and today, perfect attendance paid off big time in our house!!