Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some Neat Shirts!

My friend Theresa had a posting on her blog today, about a website that makes shirts for children with disabilities. They recently started offereing shirts for cleft affected children. They are adorable!!!

I think my favorite shirt is this one, followed by this one! Rachel has her yearly Craniofacial Team appointment on February 13th, it would be cute if she wearing one of these shirts that day!

The entire collection of shirts can be viewed on the website, Plotkindesigns. Like Theresa said on her blog, these shirts would be great for any child who is special in some way or another. It's a way of keeping attitudes and self esteem high!

Another Chubby Bunny Pic

It's the middle of winter, so you don't get to see baby chub very's a picture in her onesie before putting her jammies on.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Mommy, Rachel fell into the Bathtub"

Those are the words I heard coming from the girls' bathroom this evening.

Hannah was already in the bathtub, I was putting a few things from our trip away, and Rachel was standing outside the tub throwing toys into the bath water. Next thing I heard was Hannah hollaring. Quickly making my way to the bathroom, there was Rachel, fully clothed, including her shoes, in the bathtub. I pulled her out and she started laughing. She thought what she had done was funny!

She's been trying to climb into the bathtub for a couple of weeks now, so it really doesn't suprise me that she did this. Thank goodness I had bought her another pair of shoes last week, cause the ones she had on, are still soaked!

First "Fun" Sleepover

If you don't count the nights she's spent in the hospital, Rachel has never slept anywhere except for home. That changed last night when she had her first official "fun" sleepover, and how exciting for it to have been at a Disneyland Resort hotel!!
My friend Karen came from Maryland this weekend for a special trip to Disneyland with her son, Joe. We were going to spend time with them before we knew Steven would be out of the country, but to help pass our time with Steven gone, Karen and Joe invited us for the night!! Rachel did great! She fell asleep watching the fireworks, and then woke back up when I tried to lay her down in the stroller, so she was awake when we got back to our room. But after a little winding down, she was fast asleep on the bed and stayed asleep for the transfer into her Pack n Play. She slept her usual night through and woke raring to get going!

We stood in line so Rachel could see Pooh, she loves Pooh, but sure didn't want to see him all by herself. So the three of us girls posed for the picture with Pooh.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lunch and a Movie

Rachel has this fascination with climbing onto the kitchen chairs. So today I decided to bring out the little folding table and chairs for the girls to eat lunch at. Rachel enjoyed sitting at the table like a big girl and together they enjoyed watching a movie.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Saturday Trip to our Happy Place

Steven had a church project to work on that was going to require most of his time today, so I decided to pack up the girls and head for Disneyland. It was Hannah's idea to invite Gramma and Papa, and they accepted the invitation. I was happy to get this next picture, it's a running joke in our family that my mom is the Fairy Godmother, as that's what she has told the granddaughters. LOL. I've never seen the Fairy Godmother, except only in parades, so it was exciting to see her out and about. We had a good day. Not going on any rides, but just enjoying our time at Disneyland. Rachel is always so happy to go to Disneyland. She was so happy just sitting on these rocks for the longest time.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

She's a Cutie!

Proud of herself for once again climbing onto the chair. Mommy tried a new recipe for dinner tonight, didn't exactly turn out as expected, but Rachel loved it nonetheless.

She's a Busy One!

Rachel is such an active baby/toddler. When Hannah was this age, she wasn't even walking yet, so all the busyness of Rachel is a totally new experience...a very tiring one. LOL.

A week or two ago, I posted a picture of how she has mastered climbing up into the kitchen chair. Apparently that was too boring, as she has mastered yet another skill...climbing onto the kitchen table! She is a climber! She's even tried to climb the baby gate I have in the kitchen doorway.

Climbing isn't the only thing she does well, she's into EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how many times a day I pick up Tupperware that has been distributed all over the house. The only reason I pick it up several times a day instead of once at the end of the day, is that I fear pieces will become missing. Such as the two Wisemen from our Little People Nativity Set. The wisemen have to be here somewhere, I've already discoverd the Wisemen aren't visiting Noah on the Ark, nor are they at the zoo, where they were last seen.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Fun on the Stairs

Our church holds it church services in a school auditorium. For some reason, Rachel was having a blast just sitting on the steps of the stage today as the teardown crew was tearing things down.