Thursday, January 05, 2006

She's a Busy One!

Rachel is such an active baby/toddler. When Hannah was this age, she wasn't even walking yet, so all the busyness of Rachel is a totally new experience...a very tiring one. LOL.

A week or two ago, I posted a picture of how she has mastered climbing up into the kitchen chair. Apparently that was too boring, as she has mastered yet another skill...climbing onto the kitchen table! She is a climber! She's even tried to climb the baby gate I have in the kitchen doorway.

Climbing isn't the only thing she does well, she's into EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how many times a day I pick up Tupperware that has been distributed all over the house. The only reason I pick it up several times a day instead of once at the end of the day, is that I fear pieces will become missing. Such as the two Wisemen from our Little People Nativity Set. The wisemen have to be here somewhere, I've already discoverd the Wisemen aren't visiting Noah on the Ark, nor are they at the zoo, where they were last seen.


Kim said...

LOL...I remember those days though it's a little foggy because I was always so tired (I basically had two doing all of that). Abby still is like that somewhat! I will pray for you and for Rachel's safety. :)

Isn't is annoying when you can't find pieces? I am hoping to find a few when we move! I just know there's Little People boulder and some parts to a take-apart dumptruck around here somewhere! Though I guess there's always the possibility it got thrown away...both Ryan and Abby went through a phase of throwing things in the trash!

Theresa said...

I'd check the Little People airport for the wisemen. They may have decided walking to visit the baby Jesus was just too much trouble. :o)

Ethan is a climber too! I find him on the kitchen table if I turn my back for three seconds! He climbed on his brother's bed the other day and couldn't get down. Oi... kids!

Darcy said...

LOL. That's a good one Theresa!!!