Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Since my last update of where we stood on Speech, things have only gotten better!

The Speech Therapist, Dr. D'Antonio, and I have talked via emails, via the phone and to make a long story short, Rachel will begin with her TOMORROW!!! Here in the comfort of our own home!

Dr. D'Antonio will first evaluate her herself over the course of the next week or two, and then depending on what she learns about Rachel's speech needs, she will then begin therapy on our home!!!

One of the things we talked about was a reward incentive for when Rachel excels and does her best, etc, etc. And Dr. D has put together a treasure box of stickers and girly things that will interest Rachel.

Rachel is excited. She asked me this morning how much longer until her Speech Day. She's so cute about it too.

We're not sure where they will do speech - kitchen table, dinning room table, her room, etc. But it's given me the opportunity to get into Rachel's room and clean it and organize it real good. Separating the food in her little kitchen from the dishes, reorganizing all the little people sets we have, washing the mirrored doors, and even cleaning the carpet with some resolve. Her room is ready should that be the place where they will do therapy!

Dr. D'Antonio is willing to work with us as far as the amount of payment is concerned. Our biggest concern was that we'd be shoveling out this money and because we are doing this privately, on the side, that the money would not go towards Rachel's yearly medical deductible. But you know, the Lord cares even about that! After I called our insurance company, the agent told me exactly how to submit the bills for credit towards our deductible!!

I am so blown away by how the Lord opened these doors. He never ceases to amaze me what He is capable of. And I am thankful beyond words...