Monday, December 15, 2014

Dental Appointment and a Tooth Pulled

Today was a scheduled, routine dental check up for both Rachel and her sister. However, Rachel ended up having a tad bit more done than just cleaning and a check up. 

At Rachel's November Orthodontist appointment, Dr. Garcia gave Rachel one month to work on loosening up a tooth. She told her to wiggle it as she sat and watched TV, etc. If it wasn't out or close to being out by the time we saw her at the next appointment, she would write our dentist a note, asking that she pull that tooth. 

No amount of wiggling was going to make that tooth come out, therefore we came with a note in hand today to have Dr. Hoffer pull the tooth. Thankfully, Dr. Hoffer had an Olaf Rachel could borrow to cuddle while her nitrous gas took effect and through the process of having that tooth pulled. 

Once the tooth was pulled, there was no doubt that ANY amount of wiggling on it would not have helped. This tooth was not coming out on its own and it HAD TO BE pulled. Check out the root on this thing!!!

As always, Rachel was a trooper and nothing that a little Motrin and a McDonalds McFlurry didn't help take care of! 

Now there is room for the tooth that was needing to come down to come down and perhaps soon, she'll have the rest of her top braces on!