Monday, October 31, 2005

One Week From Today...

Rachel has her surgery one week from today!! That will be here before we know it! Would appreciate prayers for her to remain healthy, and us too!

Busy Couple of Days

It's been a busy couple of days! Yesterday, our Cul de Sac had a Harvest Block Party. Then later in the evening, our church had their Trunk or Treat event. Rachel went as a ladybug! This morning started off with going to Hannah's school for her Halloween Parade, followed by a trip to Papa's work to show him how cute his granddaughters are, and then going to visit Gramma as well. This evening after dinner, we went with our friends next door to their Trunk or Treating event at their church. Here's Rachel and Gracie, dressed as a little lamb.It's been a very busy few days!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some Pictures to Share...

Rachel and her friend Gracie having some laughs. Gramma having some fun with the cloth napkin. "Hey buddy, can you pass me another sausage?"Watching the fireworks at Disneyland, Rachel glances over and smiles!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rachel Meets Winnie the Pooh

In one of the photo collages in our hallway, there is a picture of me and Steven at Disneyland with Winnie the Pooh. Everytime you carry Rachel down the hallway she points to that picture. If you ask her "where's Pooh Bear" she'll point to that picture and waves. I figured it was time for Rachel to meet Pooh Bear in person!

Upon approaching Pooh, Rachel was waving to him. And became more excited as he came closer to her. She was really checking him out in this picture.

A Year of Blogging

Today marks a year since I started Rachel's Journey!!! And what a journey it's been!!

Thank you to all the friends, family, and strangers who make this blog a regular stop in their internet browsing!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Day of Adventures...

We had a field trip of adventures today, accomplishing a few more things that were on Hannah's list of things to do while off track from school...going to the Pumpkin Patch and to Oak Glen. We invited Gramma, Auntie, and cousins McKenzie and Haylee along for the fun.

Unfortunately Rachel wasn't her usual happy self. As far as I can see, she has about three different teeth emerging through her gums and I think it's making for one very unhappy and grumpy little girlie.

Our first stop was the Pumpkin Patch. I discovered this pumpkin patch about 5 years ago when Hannah was a baby and have enjoyed a yearly trip ever since. It's fun to go and look at all the different kinds of pumpkins and the different sizes and of course all the beautiful surroundings make for great pictures! Although getting four children to cooperate for a decent picture is a challenge!
The girls had fun admiring all the pumpkins. The older girls enjoyed the hay castle and feeding of the goats through the fence. Rachel was able to break free from the grumpies for a while and managed to have some fun...or look as though she did. The next stop was Oak Glen. It's apple season in Oak Glen and it's always a fun destination this time of year to see the changing colors and enjoy the Fall season. Aunt Judy also has a craft barn there and it's always fun to go and visit her!
Rachel was able to get a little bit of a nap in, but it really didn't help her mood much. Poor little girlie is just miserable with these teeth. On our way home from dropping Gramma off at home and Auntie to her car, Rachel grabbed for Hannah's hand and managed to bite one of her fingers, leaving a mark. Poor girlie just wants something to gnaw on, and she refuses a teething toy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Surgery Date!!!

Upon coming home from Disneyland today, there was a message from the surgery scheduler. We have a surgery date....

Monday, November 7th, the first case of the day at 7:30am.

Amazingly, this date is just one day shy of it being exacly one year since Rachel's first surgery, her initial lip repair!

We've waited for this date for so many months. First there was the waiting for the arrival of our new plastic surgeon. Then the waiting for his medical license from the state to come through so he could see patients. Waiting to see the ENT. And finally a surgery date.

It's really nice to have this date, however, upon just hearing the message on the answering machine, I was overcome with emotion because we are now at the next part of this journey. The journey has been an uneventful one for the last 10 months, and now in the coming weeks, I will be sending my baby off to surgery again, the third one in a year.

I know the Lord will get us through this journey, He's been faithful to do that and so much more over the last year.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Swingin' Fun!

The swing I got on Ebay last week finally came in yesterdays mail!! I hooked it up to the swing set tonight after dinner and put Rachel in it for a swing. She loved it!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Enjoying Hannah's Vacation

Hannah has been off track from school for the last week. So we've taken advantage of that and have already made two trips to Disneyland in the last week. We went today, just me and the girls for the majority of the day. And then in the late afternoon, our friends joined us after school.

It was a beautiful Fall day. Weather was great. Crowds weren't too bad.

Here we are, taking advantage of a picture opportunity in Frontierland with the Fall decorations.