Monday, October 03, 2005

Enjoying Hannah's Vacation

Hannah has been off track from school for the last week. So we've taken advantage of that and have already made two trips to Disneyland in the last week. We went today, just me and the girls for the majority of the day. And then in the late afternoon, our friends joined us after school.

It was a beautiful Fall day. Weather was great. Crowds weren't too bad.

Here we are, taking advantage of a picture opportunity in Frontierland with the Fall decorations.


Kim said...

I'd love to see Disneyland with fall decorations! From this picture it looks great.

Darcy said...

This is the ONLY spot that has the Fall decorations! Year after year, they always decorate this porch. But really no where else in the park has the Fall decorations.

Kim said...

Oh, what a bummer!

Melany said...

Love that pic!!! So nice to see you three together :)