Thursday, September 29, 2005

Appointment with the ENT

Our appointment with the ENT went well. We are going to proceed with getting tubes placed in Rachel's ears.

Tubes are placed for more of a preventative measure rather than based on her history. Right now, with Rachel's palate completely open, any built up fluids just drain through her open palate. But once Rachel's palate is closed, those muscles won't work well enough to force the fluids out of the estachian tubes, so the fluid will just sit there, which can cause ear infections, which could result in temporary hearing loss and speech problems. So tubes are placed to prevent all those problems.

Now it's just a matter of coordinating the schedules of our surgeon and the ENT.

Thanks again for all those you were praying for Rachel's appointment this morning!


Kim said...

They do these surgeries at the same time, right?

What a relief to finally have that appointment over with!

Melany said...

that's great.... it's getting closer to being finalised now

Katrina said...

I just surfed across your blog, so you don't know me, but I wanted to say how touched I am by your faith in God and your love for your children.

In a situation that would make some people question God's love, you see the beauty of His plan in every detail. Praise the Lord, and thank you for the inspiration to always count our blessings!

Susan said...

I'm glad they are going ahead with the tubes for Rachel as a preventative measure. I often wonder how Alex's history of problems with his ears relates to his speech disorder. Give her a little kiss for me. She's getting so big! Tell Hannah, Sarah says hello!