Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us. We're looking forward to the new things and adventures 2007 will hold for our family.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To Gramie's House We Go...

This afternoon, we headed up to see Gramie and to exchange Christmas presents. Going to Gramie's is a bit of a drive, so the girls got to try out their new Christmas present, portable DVD players. Both the girls were glued to their movie the entire 45 minute drive. Rachel hasn't been this quiet in the car in I don't know how long, it was really nice. LOL. We arrived to Gramie's and exchange Christmas presents. Rachel was very happy to receive a big box of Disney Princess shoes. We've had a couple pair left over from Hannah, but they have since broken. Rachel LOVES to wear dress up shoes, so this was a favored gift for Rachel. She also got a couple Care Bear games. And Gramie gave us The Chronicles of Narnia game as a Family gift. After opening presents, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the movies to see Charlotte's Web. Rachel did pretty good for the most part. We just need to remember that we can't expect her to sit ten minutes until the previews and then through 20 minutes of previews. She was pretty restless the last 30 minutes of the movie and had to be taken out the last 5 minutes.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Last night was a late night. We knew we could count on Rachel to sleep just a little bit longer than usual. But not Hannah, she was at 6:20. Hannah had to wait to go out to the Family Room until Rachel was awake. If Rachel continues to be the one to sleep in a bit longer than Rachel, I can totally see Hannah waking Rachel up just so we can get the process started. LOL.

Our morning started with Hannah discovering her new bike and Rachel wanting to get on her new bike she'd gotten from Great Grandma last night. From there, we did our stockings and opened the presents beneath our tree. There were quite a few, including gifts from out of state aunts, uncles, and cousins, and a few from Grandpa Steve. What excitement there was when the rest of the family arrived. The girls were excited to have their cousins over for the morning.
Drawing on her new table top easel with Uncle Bart

Rachel skipped Christmas Dinner with the family and took a nap. She was beyond tired and overstimulated and just plain grumpy. She woke up in a much better mood and was ready to eat. One of the funny things that Rachel kept doing over the past two days was, somehow she kept sneaking fudge, or she'd find a stash of chocolate, or suckers. All which probably didn't help her mood at all. LOL.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we headed over to my Grandmother's house for a sit down traditional dinner and gift exchange. The table was set so beautifully and the food was all great. Following dinner, it was time for the gifts. Rachel was sooo excited. She kept wanting to help her cousins open their gifts as well. Our family never lacks in blessing our kids, and this year was no different. Rachel got a tricyle, a Tinkerbell doll, a pirate ship that goes in the bath tub, a Target gift card, and some combined things with Hannah.

About ten years ago, following the gift exchange, my uncle had a fun activity for the family to do. That year, he had rented a Kareokee machine. That was fun. And through the years, we came to expect and wonder "what Uncle John would have up his sleeve this year?". It's been a year or two since Uncle John had anything up his sleeve, but I think this year made up for it. He set up a 5 hole miniature golf course throughout my Grandmother's house and patio. We divided up into teams and played our best. By now, Rachel is pretty tired and really lost interest after the first hole. But we had a great time playing. We also played Christmas Bingo which was fun too!

Christmas Eve Day

Our Christmas Even day started off with going to Sunday morning church. And then coming home and doing more preparations in anticipation of having Christmas at our house. And resting up for the busy night ahead of us.
Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
With little gift boxes from The Watsons. Thanks Watsons!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rachel and the Box of Kleenex

Hannah left a box of Kleenex within Rachel's reach this morning. What a sight it was to have found Rachel having pulled out every single last tissue from the box.

Little did I know just how much you could really have with a box of Kleenex. It soon turned into "SNOW", whereas Daddy stood on the bed and made it snow. Soon the humidifier was on to make the snow dance in the air. Soon after that, Rachel's humidifier had been brought in so that the snow could dance between the two humidifiers. So much fun was had that the "Snow" got saved and snow has been forcasted for Hannah's room on Christmas Day. LOL.
I finally gave up trying to keep clothes on Rachel this morning,
thus the reason she is in a onesie.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Driving Me NUTS!!!

Rachel is far more independent than Hannah ever was at this age...or at the age Hannah is now. LOL.

Rachel can take off all her clothes, with no help. The past couple of days, Southern California has actually seen freezing temperatures overnight, resulting in a lot cooler days. Not exactly the best weather for walking around in just a diaper. I've found myself putting tights on Rachel, then a onesie, and then her clothes, just to keep her dressed. The tights I've been doing for a week or so because she has this annoying habit of taking her shoes and socks off while in the car. Which makes it so frustrating at every stop to have to put her socks and shoes back on. Anyways, today, after battling with her taking her clothes off, she got a pair of Hannah's jammies out of the clean and folded laundry basket and put them on, on top of what she was already wearing! I figured what the heck, at least she had clothes on.The other thing that's driving me nuts, is her constantly making a mess throughout the house. I've been battling some torn rib muscles, which has made moving about a little hard, let alone keeping up with my household duties hard. So it's been frustraing to get one mess picked up and find that another one has been made in a room that was just picked up. We're talking emptying an entire shelf of books from the bookcase in Hannah's room, not just the regular books, but the little boxes that have books in them. Or dumping out the entire basket or drawers of food in the play kitchen. Ugh!!!

I know these are just typical toddler things, but this week, it's absoultely driving me nuts!!! LOL.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

In Honor Of...

Rachel received a special card in the mail today. It was from The Smile Train. The outside of the card had pictures of children who have had their clefts repaired as a result of donations. Inside the card as a special message that stated In Honor of Rachel a donation had been made.

We are so fortunate in the United States to have doctors, plastic surgeons, the facilities, and medical insurance where babies who are born with cleft lips are repaired before the age of one. In most foreign countries children often go unrepaired. Charitable organizations such as The Smile Train and Operation Smile help children born with clefts get repairs though donations.

And now on behalf of Rachel, someone will get their smile fixed.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Disneyland with Gramie

Our plans were to head to Disneyland this evening to catch the Christmas fireworks. Gramie had previously expressed a desire to see them as well, so we invited her along for the evening. Rachel enjoyed not having to be in the stroller and being able to walk holding Gramie's hand the entire night. And I think Gramie enjoyed seeing how excited Rachel gets being at Disneyland....she's her mother's daughter. :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Preschool Christmas Program

Today, Rachel, Gramma, and I went to see McKenzie, and Uncle Robbie too, in McKenzie's preschool Christmas program. Uncle Robbie and John, a family friend, accompanied the piano with their guitars. Which was a nice addtion to this years program.

Preschool kids are so fun to watch when they are performing. There were the ones crying out of fear of all the smiling parents, grandparents, and aunties with all the cameras and video cameras. There are the loud singers. Those with the blank stare and not singing. And the ones just doing their best. It really is cute to watch.

McKenzie did such a great job! It's so hard to believe that next years Christmas program will quite possibly have Rachel and Haylee performing.

"Next year, we'll be the talk of the whole performance Haylee.
We can ham it up and everyone will think we're so cute"
"And then we can smile and really turn on the charm".

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Wishes

While riding McKenzie and Haylee's big tricycle, Rachel "expresses" the Christmas wish for a trike she can actually fit on and reach the peddles. :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Countdown

We started a Christmas countdown a few days ago. I love my new countdown snowman. I had seen something similar at a different store, but I wanted something Christmasy, so when I found this one, I was happy! Hannah has been so sweet, she's been letting Rachel move the candy cane to the appropriate box.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Such Sweet Sisters

Taken this evening while at Disneyland.

Playing Nicely

Rachel has been playing so nicely lately. Most of the times it's when she's mad and throwing a fit that she stomps off to her room in a rage, but moments later she's playing so nicely, all by herself in her room.

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Trip to Urgent Care

A few days ago, Rachel's thumb became red and swollen. We weren't really sure what caused it, but we figured she might had been picking her cuticle. We've soaked it a few times and tried to squeeze the pus out, tried to make her keep a bandaid on it, all with very little luck. So this evening after soaking it and trying to push some of the pus out, and it not looking any better, we decided to take her to Urgent Care to have it checked out.

The Pediatrician diagnosed it as paronychia, a finger infection. His orders were to apply heat to try and draw some of the pus out, a cream to apply to it several times a day, and oral antibiotics. If it's not better in a few days, we'll need to take her to see her Pediatrician and he might have to lance it.