Thursday, December 21, 2006

Driving Me NUTS!!!

Rachel is far more independent than Hannah ever was at this age...or at the age Hannah is now. LOL.

Rachel can take off all her clothes, with no help. The past couple of days, Southern California has actually seen freezing temperatures overnight, resulting in a lot cooler days. Not exactly the best weather for walking around in just a diaper. I've found myself putting tights on Rachel, then a onesie, and then her clothes, just to keep her dressed. The tights I've been doing for a week or so because she has this annoying habit of taking her shoes and socks off while in the car. Which makes it so frustrating at every stop to have to put her socks and shoes back on. Anyways, today, after battling with her taking her clothes off, she got a pair of Hannah's jammies out of the clean and folded laundry basket and put them on, on top of what she was already wearing! I figured what the heck, at least she had clothes on.The other thing that's driving me nuts, is her constantly making a mess throughout the house. I've been battling some torn rib muscles, which has made moving about a little hard, let alone keeping up with my household duties hard. So it's been frustraing to get one mess picked up and find that another one has been made in a room that was just picked up. We're talking emptying an entire shelf of books from the bookcase in Hannah's room, not just the regular books, but the little boxes that have books in them. Or dumping out the entire basket or drawers of food in the play kitchen. Ugh!!!

I know these are just typical toddler things, but this week, it's absoultely driving me nuts!!! LOL.


Kim said...

LOL...I love the layered look!

Maybe it's second children because this sounds exactly like Abby (my prayers are with you!) and she's almost out of toddlerhood!

Theresa said...

oh my goodness! Ethan is the same way. Every morning he gets up naked. I've tried EVERYTHING! In the car I think he'd undress completely if it weren't for the five-point carseat! As it is I have to put his shoes, socks, and the sleeves of his shirt back on.

Most of the time I find it amusing... unless I'm in a hurry. :)

Hang in there! I hope your muscles heal quickly.

I've been behind on my blog reading. Hope your Christmas was merry!!!!