Monday, September 21, 2009

Speech Therapy Update

Monday mornings I work in Rachel's classroom. This morning as I was putting my purse away, she handed me this envelope that was in her cubby. It was from the Speech Therapist.

Rachel was apparently pulled from class one day last week and was screened by the speech therapist and the conclusion was a concern for her articulation (sounds in words). Rachel has "nasality with certain sounds (b, p...) and distortions typical of a repaired cleft palate". There were no language concerns, she puts sentences together very well. And there were no fluency or stuttering concerns. Her concerns were our concerns and the same concerns of the Speech Therapist on our craniofacial team.

The recommendation is that Rachel "be referred to the Student Study Team for intervention strategies and/or consideration for possible evaluation."

I had to ask the teacher for clarification on what exactly that meant. LOL. Rachel was just screened by the Speech Therapist. And her recommendation is that now a team of people get together to talk about Rachel and what to do. Her teacher must submit paperwork and then they go from there.

The good thing is Rachel wasn't denied right off the bat, like we were told was a possibility...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prayers for Adalynn

This is Adalynn. Some of our regular cleft friends might recognize her. She was born with a cleft lip and has surgeries to repair it, etc. But this post isn't about Adalynn's cleft. It's about a terrible, terrible accident that occurred and the request of prayers.As a mother of a cleft affected child, I know I'm always much more cautious about things in the mouth - suckers, straws, toys, etc. While after a palate has been repaired, the chances of developing a fistula (hole) are slim, I'm generally a little freaked out by anything that involves Rachel's mouth.

So imagine Shannon's (Adalynn's Mommy) current nightmare...

At the beginning of the week, Adalynn's older brother was being helpful when he handed her her toothbrush, but then he tripped her and the toothbrush went down her throat. An uneventful trip to the doctor was made, only to be followed by a trip to the ER after Adalynn had not eaten or drank anything all day long, not even swallowing her own saliva. Four X-rays later, and being told she was okay, was sent home with Tylenol and Motrin.

The next evening brought another trip to the ER as Miss Adalynn was pretty miserable with a lot of swelling in her neck/throat. After a diagnosis of a possible infection at the site where the toothbrush hit, she was sent home on antibiotics.

Thursday afternoon, Adalynn woke from a nap with blood pouring from her mouth. Trip #3 made to the ER. Arrangements were made to see an ENT the next day for a possible scope.

The ENT finally ordered a CT scan whereas Adalynn was diagnosed with a hematoma and was admitted to the hospital. A hematoma in such a place is life threatening as it could potentially obstruct the airway if the swelling got worse. She is being closely monitored, on an IV, and is receiving antibiotics.

Please be praying for the swelling inside Adalynn's throat to diminish and that there wouldn't be any long term complications from this. Please be praying for her Mommy and Daddy as well. I know they would very much appreciate prayers right now! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a Part of Her

These are Rachel's official pictures for her kindergarten year and I love them! Sometimes when picture day comes I get a little nervous for how Rachel's, Hannah's too, pictures will turn out. But I'm always a little more nervous when it comes to Rachel's pictures - will they make her smile too big and therefore you'll see her cleft gum and jacked up tooth? Will she smile in such a way that her scar will look drawn up?? Will her nose look okay?? Will her repaired cleft stand out in the picture or will you not be able to tell?? Things that go through a mother's head when she's had a cleft affected baby, or a child with any facial deformities for that matter.

This picture captures her cuteness. A glimpse into her personality. I just want to go to her and squeeze her cuteness, but I can't, she's at school! :)

Sure, you can see the notch in her lip. Maybe you can't, but the Mommy and the Gramma can see it. But really when I sit and stare at the picture and think about it, that little notch, as little as it is, is part of her. It's how the Lord chose to make Rachel, it's a symbol of how great our God is- in providing a perfectionist of a plastic surgeon and a testament to all the prayers prayed on behalf of Rachel. She'll always have it. It's a part of her...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sick Girlie

Rachel and Hannah spent the long holiday weekend with their Gramie.

Unfortunately when she brought them home yesterday afternoon, Rachel had caught a cold. You could hear it in her little voice the instant she opened her mouth to talk. As the evening went on, she developed a cough.

To bed she went with Vicks and socks (I'm telling you, it works!) on her feet for the coughing. But the coughing got progressively worse through the night and by 1:00am you would have thought we were at the Seal Exhibit at the zoo. She was barking like a seal and there was no mistaking she had Croup.

Thank goodness I had some steroids from a previous case of Croup and once I gave her that, she was able to get a few hours of sleep in without coughing. But it wasn't a good night's sleep to say the least. She was also complaining that one of her ears hurt.

There was no way I could send her to school coughing the way she was coughing, not to mention not wanting to spread what she may have, so she stayed home. Once our Pediatrician's office opened I was able to get her an appointment for mid morning.Thankfully, her ears were fine. No signs of any fluid in her ears. Our Pediatrician thought she might have been complaining because of the change in elevation from coming down from the High Desert. But her cough was just as I had thought - Croup. So is in steroids for a few days.

She's been acting okay and has good energy. So I'm sure as long as we have a good night, she'll be back at school tomorrow!