Monday, August 01, 2011

2nd Grade!

Hard to believe but the baby of the family started 2nd grade today! Wasn't it just a short time ago that we found out we were pregnant with her?!?We stopped by the school midday Saturday to check out the class lists. I already knew who Rachel's teacher was thanks to the modern day of texting the night before (we were at Disneyland). But it's always fun to see who your classmates are, or aren't! Rachel is in Mrs. Dietz' class. She is one of the two teachers I requested. I'm very happy she got Mrs. Dietz. She's been teaching 5th grade for the last few years, but had taught 2nd grade for many years prior to that. She says she loves this age and is very happy to be back in 2nd grade. It looks like Rachel has a great class this year. There isn't the one classmate well known for his troubles and poor behavior, which was a relief. For the third year in a row, Rachel and Isaiah are classmates once again, and Rachel is happy to have her friend with her once again.