Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ear Recheck

Rachel saw our Pediatrician this afternoon for a recheck on hers in follow up on her recent ear infection.

Not only were both her ears clear and fluid free, but she gained back the three pounds she had lost a few weekends ago when she was so sick. Dr Berry said Rachel was free to travel into the elevation, which we might be hoping to do this weekend, and go to the snow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day, Postponed

Last week, there was a scheduled Snow Day at preschool. However, due to the rain the day before and the threat of rain the day of the event, the Snow had to be cancelled. The preschool was hiring an ice company to come in and blow the snow and if it indeed rained, the snow would melt and the preschool would still have to pay.

Last week's snow was postponed until today. But upon arriving at preschool this morning, we discovered that the snow was once again postponed due to the weather. We're hoping to maybe go to the real snow this weekend.

But for now, I had to share a picture of our little red Oompa Loompa in the snow pant overalls that a friend found in her kids closet and gave to us.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cranio Team and Rachel's Speech

February is usually the month in which we meet with Rachel's Craniofacial Team , where she is evaluated and things are discussed about her overall well being as well as the areas in which there are concern. Because 2008 looks to be a relatively quiet year as far as Rachel's health issues are concerned, and because we are 100% financially responsible for the $733 appointment bill, we sought the team director to be excused from this years appointment. We found out last week that we can skip this years appointment and see the team in 2009!

I also found out through talking to the nurses that Rachel's speech therapist is no longer working for Loma Linda, which was kinda sad, but if Rachel needs speech in the future, she is now eligible to receive FREE services through the public school system.

Rachel's speech in the last several months and even more so in the last couple of weeks, has blossomed so much. It really is amazing how well she carries on a conversation. Most times she talks nonstop. Recently, I was paid a compliment by my cousin in regards to how well Rachel talked. She was astonished that Rachel was only three and spoke so well and in so much detail. My Aunt who also carried on a conversation with Rachel said the same. It's always so nice to hear people compliment Rachel's speech, especially those who are not around her often.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Preschool Cuteness

Making a stop at the bank didn't take the time I thought it would, so when I arrived to the preschool this morning, it was still recess time for Rachel and Haylee's classes. I parked in a spot that I could sit and watch them play. Not long after parking, I was spotted and greeted. Rachel and Haylee continued to hang out around the swings, waiting for a swing to open up and become available. And when one swing opened, I witnessed the cutest thing. Haylee pushed her cousin on the swing. It was so cute. Upon picking Rachel up from her classroom, she was sporting the much coveted "Special Helper" sticker. She was today's special helper which meant she helped pass out snack, was the line leader, and miscellaneous other helpful duties.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disneyland with Friends

It's a three day weekend and that means no school for the older kids and no work for Amy, which means staying late at Disneyland today! Early afternoon, we loaded into our van and off we went. The Electrical Parade was scheduled for tonight, so we planned on staying at least to see that, and then we'd see how busy and tired the parks were before staying any later. Because it was a holiday weekend, and there was a big convention being hosted at one of the nearby hotels, and the start of a Southern California discount promotion, the parks were crowded, but we had a good time.

For some reason, Rachel has been fascinated with Tarzan's Treehouse the last several trips. Because Amy has older boys (one who is almost 15 and on who is 11), we let the boys take the girls up into the treehouse. They all came down smiling. Because we go so often to Disneyland, we always pack our own snacks. And sometimes we pack sandwiches and chips, etc, for lunch or dinner. It's just one way to save money as often as we go.Amy and her boys attempted to avoid the long wait of a popular ride and entered the 'single rider' line, while me and the girls sat on a bench and goofed around.It's been a while since we've seen The Electrical Parade. Rachel's watched it on video a few times in recent months, and gets excited when she hears the music on a soundtrack I have. She was especially fun to watch this evening, waving at the characters and floats, etc.

Friday, January 18, 2008

An Evening of the Blues

Uncle Robbie and a few friends have recently put together a band that plays the blues. Tonight was the second of two gigs, and Rachel and I went and hung out with family (lots of family), and friends, and enjoyed some great music. It was a nice evening and we're looking forward to the next gig!
Rachel must be on the bands payroll as she was going from person to person to solicit tips for the tip jar. Most couldn't resist her cuteness. LOL.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to the Doctor

Last night was the best night Rachel/we've had in days. She didn't cough at all in the night. But when she woke up she had dried crusty drainage from her right ear. And later complained her left ear hurt. So, I took her to see Dr Berry.

While the ear that had the crusty drainage was not infected, the ear she did complain about hurting, was infected. Therefore she is on antibiotics. Her lungs are still clear. And unfortunately because she's not eaten very much in four days, she is down almost 3 pounds just since Friday. That's a lot on a little girlie her size.

Her demeanor and attitude is good. She's still definitely on the mend and heading in the right direction. Which is all good. Here's hoping and praying she keeps going that way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On the Mend

Today was a much better day for Rachel. She's definitely on the mend. She didn't take any naps of great length like she has the past four days, although she did fall asleep for a short while in the car when running errands prior to picking up Hannah from school.

This evening she got a bath and some cough medicine and actually fell asleep just after 6:30, which is early for her going to bed. But she's still catching up and and on the mend. Here's hoping she's even better tomorrow! Isn't the positioning of her hands just so cute?? She often sleeps like this. She was exceptionally cute this evening and I couldn't resist a picture. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

One Sick Girlie

Rachel was good on Friday, at least up until we saw the doctor and got home. She went downhill from there and was down and out ALL weekend long with taking several naps throughout the day, clingy, coughing, grumpy, loss of appetite, and just plain not feeling well.

This afternoon, I propped her up on the couch pillows to make her a little bed so she could see the TV over the arm of the couch and put a little step stool beside her with her apple juice. For a while this afternoon, I was starting to get concerned about dehydration. But she eventually drank some juice and ate some apple sauce. And once the apple sauce and Motrin kicked in, there was a drastic improvement in a matter of an hour. The improvement from several hours ago was amazing. Perhaps she is finally on the road to getting better. I'm probably going to keep Rachel out of preschool tomorrow, no since in sending her and exposing her to all the germies the other preschoolers have to offer. I want to continue to build her back up for another couple of days and make sure she is getting better.

Friday, January 11, 2008

To the Doctors

Rachel has had this cough for the last three days. The night before last she coughed all night long. Last night wasn't so bad. But with the weekend upon us, and to be honest, a very expensive Urgent Care copay should we need to go, I took her to see our Pediatrician this morning to have her ears checked and lungs listened to, just to be sure we're heading into the weekend with clear checks on each. And clear checks we got. Her ears were good, and her lungs were clear. I was told to keep doing what we're doing, and was given a prescription for a stronger cough suppressant. Here's hoping she's even better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Rachel goes through these phases where she can't stand to have her hair down, it has to be up in a pony tail. She's even come into our room in the night, hitting Steven in the face with a rubber band because her 'hair is salling' (pronounced as though you are saying falling, but with an "S".

And then there have been times she wants her hair down and wears a head band. At any rate, it was time to cut the bangs to see her big blue eyes again, and cut some of the weight off the ends. So last night, the girls cut haircuts!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas with Gramie

Christmas has come and gone, but today Gramie came to visit bearing Christmas gifts. Both Rachel and Hannah were very excited and for the most part were very cooperative of the chores and things I asked them to do prior to her arrival. The girls didn't waste any time in sitting and opening presents.

Rachel got a pair of sweats, pair of jeans with two new spring time shirts and a pair of jammies, all to match Hannah, magnetic paper dolls, and two combined gifts to share with Hannah.We gave Gramie lots of new picture frames filled with pictures! I bought two white frames and had each of the girls paint their own frame for Gramie and then we put this years school picture in it for her. She loved it!Aside from bringing presents, Gramie brought all the fixings for a tea party, and we were kicked out! The rest of the afternoon and evening consisted of the tea party and watching movies with Gramie.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tea Anyone??

When the girl next door invited Hannah over to play in her backyard yesterday afternoon, which left Rachel standing at the door in tears, I had to quickly come up with something special to entertain her. So we sat down to a tea party consisting of sparkling apple cider, fruit snacks, and peppermint filled cookie sandwiches. It was simply lovely.

Memories of 2007

When a year comes to a close, and we start a new year, I like to look back at all the pictures I've taken over the last year.

We've had a lot of milestones and events in our family for 2007. For Rachel it was a big milestone of moving into a twin size bed and potty training, although you'll find no pictures of that event. :) Her biggest milestone was probably starting preschool!

As for the other events and happenings that can be shared, I put some of those pictures in an album, Memories of 2007.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Don't Be Shy...

Start the New Year out right, sign Rachel's Guestbook and let us know you're following her journey!

It's always fun to know who and where people are following from.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day Happenings

Rachel is usually not one to sleep in. She's always been one you can count on to get up before 7:00, no matter how late we'd been out the night before, she's up early. But not this morning. Rachel actually slept in until close to 9:00! Course it helped she was wide awake and going on full steam until after midnight. LOL. We now know she CAN sleep in, it just takes staying up in the wee hours of the night to do so!

With it being a late night, and everyone getting up later, it was a lazy morning of watching the Rose Parade and eating leftover goodies from last night.

Mid afternoon, we met up with Uncle Bart at Disneyland. This is the last week of the Christmas season so we headed down for the afternoon and evening for the lights and festive atmosphere. We had a great time and was a great way to start off the year!

New Years Eve

Our plans for New Year's Eve were to spend the evening at friends house. Rachel kept asking ALL DAY LONG when it would be time to go to Bethany's house. Finally, the time arrived and we were able to go.

Our friends were watching their four nieces and nephews over night which brought the kid count to 8! Rachel had so much fun!! I didn't think she'd make it, but she stayed awake past midnight and saw the New Year in!

What could be better for dinner on NYE than pizza!
Playing their own version of Connect Four.
The evening wouldn't be complete without playing the Wii.
It's 11:10pm and she's starting to fade.
With her friend Bethany, wearing their New Year tiaras.
Asleep, not even five minutes in the car. Sometime after 12:30am.