Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Eve

Our plans for New Year's Eve were to spend the evening at friends house. Rachel kept asking ALL DAY LONG when it would be time to go to Bethany's house. Finally, the time arrived and we were able to go.

Our friends were watching their four nieces and nephews over night which brought the kid count to 8! Rachel had so much fun!! I didn't think she'd make it, but she stayed awake past midnight and saw the New Year in!

What could be better for dinner on NYE than pizza!
Playing their own version of Connect Four.
The evening wouldn't be complete without playing the Wii.
It's 11:10pm and she's starting to fade.
With her friend Bethany, wearing their New Year tiaras.
Asleep, not even five minutes in the car. Sometime after 12:30am.

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Kim said...

She did better than me. I turned out the light at 11:51 and never heard horns or fireworks or anything after that because I was out! I just couldn't stay awake a minute longer.

Way to go, Rachel!