Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On the Mend

Today was a much better day for Rachel. She's definitely on the mend. She didn't take any naps of great length like she has the past four days, although she did fall asleep for a short while in the car when running errands prior to picking up Hannah from school.

This evening she got a bath and some cough medicine and actually fell asleep just after 6:30, which is early for her going to bed. But she's still catching up and and on the mend. Here's hoping she's even better tomorrow! Isn't the positioning of her hands just so cute?? She often sleeps like this. She was exceptionally cute this evening and I couldn't resist a picture. :)


Kim said...

Glad she's feeling better!

Yes, she looks very sweet lying there. :D

Ryan sleeps like that too and it's just adorable. Abby is usually under a pile of blankets somewhere!

Grace said...

Poor Ray Ray...we thought she must've been sick since she wasn't at school today...