Monday, January 14, 2008

One Sick Girlie

Rachel was good on Friday, at least up until we saw the doctor and got home. She went downhill from there and was down and out ALL weekend long with taking several naps throughout the day, clingy, coughing, grumpy, loss of appetite, and just plain not feeling well.

This afternoon, I propped her up on the couch pillows to make her a little bed so she could see the TV over the arm of the couch and put a little step stool beside her with her apple juice. For a while this afternoon, I was starting to get concerned about dehydration. But she eventually drank some juice and ate some apple sauce. And once the apple sauce and Motrin kicked in, there was a drastic improvement in a matter of an hour. The improvement from several hours ago was amazing. Perhaps she is finally on the road to getting better. I'm probably going to keep Rachel out of preschool tomorrow, no since in sending her and exposing her to all the germies the other preschoolers have to offer. I want to continue to build her back up for another couple of days and make sure she is getting better.

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