Monday, January 28, 2008

Cranio Team and Rachel's Speech

February is usually the month in which we meet with Rachel's Craniofacial Team , where she is evaluated and things are discussed about her overall well being as well as the areas in which there are concern. Because 2008 looks to be a relatively quiet year as far as Rachel's health issues are concerned, and because we are 100% financially responsible for the $733 appointment bill, we sought the team director to be excused from this years appointment. We found out last week that we can skip this years appointment and see the team in 2009!

I also found out through talking to the nurses that Rachel's speech therapist is no longer working for Loma Linda, which was kinda sad, but if Rachel needs speech in the future, she is now eligible to receive FREE services through the public school system.

Rachel's speech in the last several months and even more so in the last couple of weeks, has blossomed so much. It really is amazing how well she carries on a conversation. Most times she talks nonstop. Recently, I was paid a compliment by my cousin in regards to how well Rachel talked. She was astonished that Rachel was only three and spoke so well and in so much detail. My Aunt who also carried on a conversation with Rachel said the same. It's always so nice to hear people compliment Rachel's speech, especially those who are not around her often.

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