Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day, Postponed

Last week, there was a scheduled Snow Day at preschool. However, due to the rain the day before and the threat of rain the day of the event, the Snow had to be cancelled. The preschool was hiring an ice company to come in and blow the snow and if it indeed rained, the snow would melt and the preschool would still have to pay.

Last week's snow was postponed until today. But upon arriving at preschool this morning, we discovered that the snow was once again postponed due to the weather. We're hoping to maybe go to the real snow this weekend.

But for now, I had to share a picture of our little red Oompa Loompa in the snow pant overalls that a friend found in her kids closet and gave to us.


Jackie said...

She looks so cute, Darcy!! I don't know what's more adorable, those pigtails or that fluffy red snowsuit.

Kim said...

LOL...in the picture she does look a bit Oompa-loompa-ish!