Saturday, December 16, 2006

In Honor Of...

Rachel received a special card in the mail today. It was from The Smile Train. The outside of the card had pictures of children who have had their clefts repaired as a result of donations. Inside the card as a special message that stated In Honor of Rachel a donation had been made.

We are so fortunate in the United States to have doctors, plastic surgeons, the facilities, and medical insurance where babies who are born with cleft lips are repaired before the age of one. In most foreign countries children often go unrepaired. Charitable organizations such as The Smile Train and Operation Smile help children born with clefts get repairs though donations.

And now on behalf of Rachel, someone will get their smile fixed.


Kim said...

I browsed through the's so neat to see the faces of some they have helped. What a special way to honor Rachel!

Anonymous said...

little Rachel has come such a long way and ever so sweet way back when and sweeter each day....... and now others can be helped thro her . what a blessing.............. God bless you all .
love Marge