Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Preschool Christmas Program

Today, Rachel, Gramma, and I went to see McKenzie, and Uncle Robbie too, in McKenzie's preschool Christmas program. Uncle Robbie and John, a family friend, accompanied the piano with their guitars. Which was a nice addtion to this years program.

Preschool kids are so fun to watch when they are performing. There were the ones crying out of fear of all the smiling parents, grandparents, and aunties with all the cameras and video cameras. There are the loud singers. Those with the blank stare and not singing. And the ones just doing their best. It really is cute to watch.

McKenzie did such a great job! It's so hard to believe that next years Christmas program will quite possibly have Rachel and Haylee performing.

"Next year, we'll be the talk of the whole performance Haylee.
We can ham it up and everyone will think we're so cute"
"And then we can smile and really turn on the charm".

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