Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To Gramie's House We Go...

This afternoon, we headed up to see Gramie and to exchange Christmas presents. Going to Gramie's is a bit of a drive, so the girls got to try out their new Christmas present, portable DVD players. Both the girls were glued to their movie the entire 45 minute drive. Rachel hasn't been this quiet in the car in I don't know how long, it was really nice. LOL. We arrived to Gramie's and exchange Christmas presents. Rachel was very happy to receive a big box of Disney Princess shoes. We've had a couple pair left over from Hannah, but they have since broken. Rachel LOVES to wear dress up shoes, so this was a favored gift for Rachel. She also got a couple Care Bear games. And Gramie gave us The Chronicles of Narnia game as a Family gift. After opening presents, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the movies to see Charlotte's Web. Rachel did pretty good for the most part. We just need to remember that we can't expect her to sit ten minutes until the previews and then through 20 minutes of previews. She was pretty restless the last 30 minutes of the movie and had to be taken out the last 5 minutes.

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