Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we headed over to my Grandmother's house for a sit down traditional dinner and gift exchange. The table was set so beautifully and the food was all great. Following dinner, it was time for the gifts. Rachel was sooo excited. She kept wanting to help her cousins open their gifts as well. Our family never lacks in blessing our kids, and this year was no different. Rachel got a tricyle, a Tinkerbell doll, a pirate ship that goes in the bath tub, a Target gift card, and some combined things with Hannah.

About ten years ago, following the gift exchange, my uncle had a fun activity for the family to do. That year, he had rented a Kareokee machine. That was fun. And through the years, we came to expect and wonder "what Uncle John would have up his sleeve this year?". It's been a year or two since Uncle John had anything up his sleeve, but I think this year made up for it. He set up a 5 hole miniature golf course throughout my Grandmother's house and patio. We divided up into teams and played our best. By now, Rachel is pretty tired and really lost interest after the first hole. But we had a great time playing. We also played Christmas Bingo which was fun too!

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Kim said...

I love the look on her face on that top picture! She looks so much like Hannah that pic too.