Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Update on Waiting for an Appointment

I called the plastic surgeons nurse first thing this morning and actually got her and not the voice mail. Long story short, she would talk to Dr Martin and then would get back with me. I waited until after lunch and then called her to see where we were with things.

What had been decided to do, is to give all of Rachel's information to the surgery scheduler and get her working on an authorization from our insurance for the surgery and get a surgery date. And then Dr Martin can go to the ENT and say he has a cleft palate repair patient needing an evaluation for placement of tubes and what the date of surgery is. And would get us worked in to see him that way. That was how things were going to be as of early this afternoon.....

Late this afternoon, I got a call from our plastic surgeons surgey scheduler that we have an appointment with the ENT for Thursday morning!!! So that was great news!!!

I feel like things are finally happening. I hate that feeling of being in limbo and basically helpless, waiting on people trying to get us worked in, etc. We have an appointment with the ENT on Thursday and the scheduler is supposedly working on getting authorization from our insurance!!

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Melany said...

This is great news! I'm so happy that things are finally happening!