Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Surgery Date!!!

Upon coming home from Disneyland today, there was a message from the surgery scheduler. We have a surgery date....

Monday, November 7th, the first case of the day at 7:30am.

Amazingly, this date is just one day shy of it being exacly one year since Rachel's first surgery, her initial lip repair!

We've waited for this date for so many months. First there was the waiting for the arrival of our new plastic surgeon. Then the waiting for his medical license from the state to come through so he could see patients. Waiting to see the ENT. And finally a surgery date.

It's really nice to have this date, however, upon just hearing the message on the answering machine, I was overcome with emotion because we are now at the next part of this journey. The journey has been an uneventful one for the last 10 months, and now in the coming weeks, I will be sending my baby off to surgery again, the third one in a year.

I know the Lord will get us through this journey, He's been faithful to do that and so much more over the last year.


Kim said...

Oh, what a relief to have the actual date. That's good news indeed. I'll be praying!

Melany said...

I'm so glad you finally have a date. Even though I do understand the worry that will now set in.

Cat said...

Found your site from another blogger's link. I'll be thinking of you guys when it comes time for surgery. We are due to get a surgery date on October 19th when our Darren goes in to see our Craniofacial team here in Hawaii.

Always love reading other folks' stories that are somewhat similiar to what we're going through.

God Bless.