Sunday, January 22, 2006

First "Fun" Sleepover

If you don't count the nights she's spent in the hospital, Rachel has never slept anywhere except for home. That changed last night when she had her first official "fun" sleepover, and how exciting for it to have been at a Disneyland Resort hotel!!
My friend Karen came from Maryland this weekend for a special trip to Disneyland with her son, Joe. We were going to spend time with them before we knew Steven would be out of the country, but to help pass our time with Steven gone, Karen and Joe invited us for the night!! Rachel did great! She fell asleep watching the fireworks, and then woke back up when I tried to lay her down in the stroller, so she was awake when we got back to our room. But after a little winding down, she was fast asleep on the bed and stayed asleep for the transfer into her Pack n Play. She slept her usual night through and woke raring to get going!

We stood in line so Rachel could see Pooh, she loves Pooh, but sure didn't want to see him all by herself. So the three of us girls posed for the picture with Pooh.

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Melany said...

Love the pics. Glad she enjoyed her first sleepover.