Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Mommy, Rachel fell into the Bathtub"

Those are the words I heard coming from the girls' bathroom this evening.

Hannah was already in the bathtub, I was putting a few things from our trip away, and Rachel was standing outside the tub throwing toys into the bath water. Next thing I heard was Hannah hollaring. Quickly making my way to the bathroom, there was Rachel, fully clothed, including her shoes, in the bathtub. I pulled her out and she started laughing. She thought what she had done was funny!

She's been trying to climb into the bathtub for a couple of weeks now, so it really doesn't suprise me that she did this. Thank goodness I had bought her another pair of shoes last week, cause the ones she had on, are still soaked!

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Melany said...

Oh gosh. You'll have to keep an even closer eye on her now!