Thursday, January 26, 2006

Some Neat Shirts!

My friend Theresa had a posting on her blog today, about a website that makes shirts for children with disabilities. They recently started offereing shirts for cleft affected children. They are adorable!!!

I think my favorite shirt is this one, followed by this one! Rachel has her yearly Craniofacial Team appointment on February 13th, it would be cute if she wearing one of these shirts that day!

The entire collection of shirts can be viewed on the website, Plotkindesigns. Like Theresa said on her blog, these shirts would be great for any child who is special in some way or another. It's a way of keeping attitudes and self esteem high!


Theresa said...

I'm totally buying the "chicks dig scars" one for Ethan! And likely the "million dollar smile" one too. I have an eye on the one that says, "I can eat and sleep at the same time. Can you???" for my nephew.

I was so thrilled to find them! I wish I'd had them when he was a baby and people asked me questions all the time. :o)

Darcy said...

Having the shirts when the kids were babies would have been nice.

I like the "Haberman Hottie" one too, but it just doesn't work now that Rachel is off the bottle. LOL.

The Cleft Diva one is cute, but I think it's only appropriate to wear if you still have a cleft, know what I mean?? LOL.

Melany said...

That so adorable!