Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent / Teacher Conference and a Speech Update

This afternoon was our Parent/Teacher conference with Rachel's teacher, Mrs. Maingot. The conference went very well and she's already proving to be advanced in her Language Arts and Math! She listens well, follows directions, and has a great interest for learning. We were very pleased with how her first trimester of Kindergarten has gone.

Last Friday, we met with the Speech Therapist, the Assistant Principal, and with Rachel's teacher to talk about the need for further evaluation of her speech. It was a very short meeting whereas the teacher expressed her concerns, the Speech Therapist addressed what she saw in her initial brief screening, and we expressed our concerns. The next step is for a full Speech Evaluation and then we'll meet again to set up an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), and then she'll begin Speech Therapy.

It's such a process with the public school system. But I'm thankful it's available and soon she'll be getting the services she needs. And it'll be school based which means the teacher will know whats going on, and can help in the classroom, etc. We go off track the end of next week for three weeks and then back for three weeks in December and then it's Christmas break, so more than likely, Speech won't begin until January.

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