Monday, November 02, 2009

Hearing Test

At Rachel's Crainofacial Team Appointment the end of January, after talking with the ENT, it was decided to have Rachel's hearing retested in 6 months. Her P.E. tubes had both fallen out and we wanted to stay atop of her hearing as it can affect her speech.

She really should have had her hearing tested in August, but with school starting that month, etc, it just slipped my mind. But now that we've gotten the ball moving on getting her speech through the school, I wanted to follow through with getting a hearing test so that the results could be passed on to the speech therapist and to her teacher.

She had her hearing test today and it came back 'normal'!!! Whoo Hoo! No need to see the ENT at this tube for possible tubes!

She did well for the first part, the part where they check the pressure and sound waves bouncing off the ear drum.And for the second part of the test, they took us into the sound proof room (aka the panic room for those that are claustrophobic, etc). She and the assistant sat down, the hearing test started, and things were going well. And then all of a sudden, Rachel stopped putting blocks in the bucket every time she'd hear a sound. She just stopped. I got concerned, cause I heard one or two sounds and I didn't have the ear phones on and yet, she wasn't putting blocks into the bucket! How could she possibly not hear that?!?!? And then the assistant put on a special set of ear phone looking things. I'd never seen these before and it concerned me even more. And then Rachel resumed back to following directions and putting blocks into the bucket.When the test was complete, the audiologist came into the room and we talked and he said that he'd gotten to a point in the test where she just stopped. He was making sounds as loud as her volume in talking and she wasn't picking them up. He said he got concerned for a moment, and then looked at her face and she must have just zoned out for a few minutes because she got back with the program and did it and passed it. LOL. The special ear phone looking thing he had the assistant put on, was to test the nerves in her ears, seeing how she wasn't admitting to hearing anything. LOL. That test too turned out normal.

So it's been proven, she can hear. Now if we could only get her to listen!!! LOL.


Joy Howse said...

Too funny! Must be a 5 year old thing. Or a second born thing. or dare I say a girl thing. Alexis struggles with listening more so then andrew did at her age. Selective hearing because she can hear me get a few M&Ms out of the freezer and come running. :) Glad all went well.

Darcy said...

ISn't that the truth?? Rachel can hear the plastic rattling on any package and come running from her bedroom.....LOL

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

What great news!!!! Glad things are moving in the right direction. I love knowing what I have to look forward to! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Rogers said...

Glad to hear the hearing test went well!