Monday, January 22, 2007

Nap Time Struggle

On Friday, I laid Rachel down for a nap in her crib just like always. After about forty five minutes of her talking and hollaring to get out, it was obvious she wasn't going to actually fall asleep. Just as I was about ready to go in and get her up, the phone rang. And while I was on the phone, out comes Rachel from her room with this huge smile on her face. I asked Steven if he had gotten Rachel up out of her crib, Nope. Much to my dismay, Rachel had climbed out of her crib!! She was so proud of herself too.

So today, she kept saying she wanted to sleep in Hannah's bed. So we attempted to let her nap in Hannah's bed. That didn't work. She tossed Hannah's pillows and blankets to the floor and even managed to pull the bedspread off the bed. Into her crib she went. But I lowered the side, just in case she tried to climb out, there wouldn't be such a fall. She hollared and protested for a few minutes and then it became silent. I went to check on her, and this is how I found her, out of her crib on the floor, completely covered by her Nemo blankie and pillow...asleep. Whatever works and gets her to rest, and whatever gets me an hours reprieve. LOL. Now I need to go fix Hannah's bed before she gets home from school.


Grace said...

That is too funny! Does this mean Rachel will be getting a big girl bed soon? Can't we just keep them babies??? :(

Kim said...

LOL...I love the floor picture!

Abby still sleeps with the blanket over her head from time to time.