Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Watching the Grass Disappear

We officially had construction start on our backyard patio and side yard this morning. Rachel stood at the sliding door and watched as they cut the grass from underneath and rolled it into big rolls and hauled it to the front yard.


Grace said...

That is so cool Darcy! Aren't you excited?!! You finally get your patio! Can't wait for your first party! :)I am sure you will have many. Did they say when it might be finished?

Darcy said...

I am sooooo excited! I've wanted a patio ever since we bought this house.

They are here now, pouring cement!!! The entire back of the house is done being poured and smoothed out and a little bit of the side yard has been poured. They ran out of cement and the truck had to go get a refill. LOL. The patio will have a stamped effect, I'm assuming they'll do that this afternoon while it's still somewhat wet??

At the rate they are going, it'll be done this afternoon and then there will be cleanup, etc.

Melany aka Supermom said...

That is such a sweet photo and yeah on the start of the patio!