Thursday, January 25, 2007

Adventures with Rachel

This afternoon on my way to pick up Hannah from school, I stopped at Starbucks to get an ice tea. While waiting for my drink, Rachel starts to pull her pants down, down low enough to show everyone her cute little butt cheeks. I pull her pants up and thought to myself, she must have loosened one of the tabs on her diaper because it wasn't up where it should be.

I got to the car, pulled her pants down to fix her diaper, and discovered there was NO diaper! I asked Rachel where her diaper was, she said it was in Hannah's Room. So, the wetness of her pants that I thought was a result of her being outback with me hosing off the new cement, was really a result of her not having a diaper on.

Any other day, this really wouldn't have been a big problem, except today, as soon as we picked Hannah up from school, we were off to dental appointments for both girls. There was NO time to run home for a change of clothes, nor was there time to run into Walmart and puy a pair of pants. Thank goodness I had a big bag of clothes that Rachel had outgrown in the back of the van. I found a pair of pants, she looked like she was expecting a flood, but at least her pants weren't wet. LOL

We found Rachel's diaper this evening, just where Rachel said it Hannah's room.


Kim said...

ROFLOL! So funny, though probably wasn't to you at the time!

Grace said...

That is so funny! Lil' booger! She cracks me up.