Thursday, January 25, 2007


Both the girls had dental appointments this afternoon. This dental clinic is the School of Denistry at the medical center in which Rachel gets all of her cleft affected treatment and care.

Just like last time, Rachel did AWESOME! This time they even took X-Rays and she cooperated perfectly! They were amazed at how well she did for those. It was pretty amazing to see an X-Ray of her upper teeth where her cleft gum is. She kept the apron on and kept the little films in her mouth just like they asked her to. Her teeth all checked out fine. They said her teeth are pretty close together for baby teeth and that we needed to start flossing her teeth. She also has two more molars to come in. But all in all, it was a great appointment and we're to go back again in 6 months.


Kim said...

Those little flossers are great! We had to start flossing Abby's teeth a couple years ago, and they work great. Ryan can even do it himself.

Anonymous said...

Thats where I took your cousins when they were small, great place
Aunt Judy