Monday, January 29, 2007

More Adventures with Rachel

So I've been struggling with naptime since the beginning of last week. Rachel continued to climb out of her crib everyday, making naptime a struggle, also resulting in her not taking a nap. She did however, take a nap yesterday after church in her crib!!! Praise the Lord!!!

This afternoon, we laid her in her crib and told her not to get out of her crib. She cried and fussed for a while and then became silent. I went to check on her and she had indeed stayed in her crib, and fallen asleep!!! Everything had been tossed from her crib...her pillow, her blankie, her Mickey Mouse, including her tights and her DIAPER!!! She was completely naked from the waist down!

I figured she was asleep, in her crib, therefore I left her that way!!! LOL. Time to perhaps get out the training pants.

Oh and in regards to Rachel climing out of her crib, we went out last week and found her a big girl bed. We'll be picking it up the end of the week and hopefully putting it up then.

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