Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeding The Ducks...Again

Ever since going to feed the ducks last week, Rachel's been wanting to do it again. She let her request be known last night when we were driving to Karate and drove past the entrance to the park where the ducks are. She's one smart kid!

While we were at the store this morning, I picked up some cheap loaves of bread (.68 cents a loaf) and we went to feed the ducks again. For some reason, 3 1/2 loaves of bread wasn't enough, not for the ducks, but for Rachel. All the way home she kept saying, "more bread for duck duck". I couldn't resist in sharing a couple cute pictures.


Debi said...

Ohhh that darlin' face....she should be in movies!!!

Darcy said...

I know! That second picture is really a good one, in my not so humble, non biased opinion. LOL.

Melany said...

I love her little denim jacket