Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Disneyland with Friends

Some family friends got Disneyland Annual Passes for Christmas. Since the kids don't go back to school until next week, we were going to go in a couple of days, just us moms and the kids, but both the dads had the day off so our two families went together and had a great time! We weren't planning on staying all day, but ended up staying the entire day!We started the day off in Disneyland. But due to the crowds, we made our way over to California Adventure in hopes of it not being as crowded, while it wasn't as crowded, it was busier than normal.

One of the things we were really interested in seeing at California Adventure was the High School Musical Pep Rally. The girls and I had seen this once before, but it was from the side. So we wanted to see it again from the front, we got center stage seats and had a great view. This street show is based on the hit movie, High School Musical, a movie we own and have watched time and time again. Rachel loves the movie, infact, she loves any movie that is a musical. When they got to the point of the show where they invite kids to join the fun and come out and dance, Rachel didn't waste any time in jumping right up and going out, she then came back, first grabbing Hannah's hand, then Zach's hand, and finally Alex's hand, all of them rejecting Rachel's invitation to join her. But she didn't let that stop her, she turned around and went back out and danced alone...with the help of a Cast Member.
Watching the fireworks.
We spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening in California Adventure. We ended the day by going back into Disneyland to watch the Holiday Fireworks and Snow. A great way to end a trip to Disneyland! Looking forward to many more trips with our friends in the coming year.

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