Monday, December 13, 2010

Home Sick

Rachel managed to not miss any school as a result of her surgery, but unfortunately, she's home sick today. The sad thing is that she had perfect attendance up until today.

She woke up early Sunday morning complaining that her arms and legs hurt, to the point she was in tears they hurt so badly. Her little body was burning up, but she had no fever. Her and I stayed home from church as a result.

But after a short stent sitting the bath tub, she felt tons better and we managed to make it to church for her to participate in the dress rehearsal of the children's Christmas performance that will be presented on Christmas Eve. There was no sign of her being sick, so she went ahead and went to Gramma and Papa's house for an afternoon of cookie decorating with the cousins. As the afternoon went on, she went downhill.

This morning, she couldn't handle eating breakfast without a meltdown, a sure sign of her not feeling well, so we told her she'd be staying home school, that made her terribly upset as she really wanted to go to school. When I returned home from taking Hannah to school, she was back in bed, with her TV on, sleeping. She's not eating much, and really hasn't been much since surgery. And when she does eat, admittedly so, her diet has not been a well balanced one. It's hard to come up with foods that are soft or can be eaten in the back of the mouth without taking a bite with your front teeth (ie sandwiches, crackers and peanut butter, cheese, etc). We have a post op appointment this afternoon and we're hoping that she'll be released as far as her diet limitations are concerned.

But as for her not feeling well, we're not sure what it is. A virus perhaps??

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