Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost 4 Weeks - Post Op Appointment

This afternoon was Rachel's 3rd Post Op appointment, Wednesday will be 4 weeks since surgery.

It's always a long shot to guess how long we'll have to wait to see Dr. Martin. At our appointment 2 weeks ago, we sat in the waiting room for less than twenty minutes, in a room, seen, and walking back out to the car within forty five minutes, record time. The time before that over an hour just in the waiting room. Needless to say, we always go prepared. Today, the three of us would have made a perfect picture for an Apple ad - each of us on a different Apple product to pass the time. LOL. After being placed in a room, I asked the nurse if I could weigh Rachel as her weight has been a little bit of a concern. And sure enough, she's down another pound since two weeks ago. She weighed 50 1/2 lbs today, 53 lbs at her pre-op. Her limited diet and her lack of an appetite is taking a toll on her little body. Dr. Martin said everything is healing up very nicely and looks great. Said the tissue in her nose will start to soften over the months. I asked him about the discoloration of her nose last week (that is now peeling) and sure enough, the reason was just as I had suspected. Because her nose swelled so much following surgery, stretching that skin, it was now dying thus changing colors and peeling. A little facial moisturizer will do the trick.

As for the inside, the bone graft and palate are healing nicely. And the best news is that Rachel can resume a normal diet!!! Whoo Hoo! She is free to bite with her front teeth, brush her teeth at the bone graft area, and can go back to using straws and her sport top water bottle! He said to ease into foods the next few days, but that by the weekend he didn't have a problem with her eating chips and crackers, etc. Things a little more sharp, etc. This was wonderful news and upon leaving Dr. Martin's office, and after picking up Hannah from Gramma's, we went to In and Out Burger to celebrate!!! Rachel ate an entire hamburger! I think this was the first meat (other than lunch meat and hot dogs) that she's eaten since before surgery.As we were waiting for our next post op appointment to be made, Dr. Martin came to the desk and told us that they were comparing todays picture to those that were taken the days before surgery and what a difference there was!

Our next appointment is for January 10th. Dr. Martin wants to see us back after all the sutures have dissolved, etc. At that time, she'll be about 8 weeks post op!

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