Wednesday, December 08, 2010

3 Weeks Post Op

This last Monday, I was going to lift the restrictions for Rachel as far as PE and recess goes. But upon learning the activity for PE that morning was going to be Dodge Ball, I forbid her from playing. LOL. Poor girl was so upset. All she wants to do is go back to playing and free from being 'benched'. She was allowed to play at lunch and recess, with the firm warning of avoiding the tether balls and any other activity on the black top whereas a ball was in use. She assured me she would heed my direction. Rachel also resumed Tae Kwon Do this last Monday night and Tuesday morning she woke up with her left leg hurting, this is the leg they took the hip bone tissue. With all the kicks and jumping about, I think it might have been a little soon to have resumed such activity, this was the most physically she'd done since surgery.

Yesterday, when she came home from school, her nose looked dirty. Upon trying to wash her nose, the darkness was not washing away. The skin also felt rough and dry. My thought was that her nose had swelled so much in the days following surgery, stretching the skin so much, that perhaps now, the skin on her nose will soon start to peel. I shared my observation with Dr. D'Antonio this afternoon during our speech session and she said it's nothing to worry about and all just part of the healing process. I'll continue to keep my eye on it and see how what happens.

Diet remains the same with soft foods, easily chewed foods in the back of her mouth. Maybe the restrictions will be lifted when we return on Monday for our 3rd post op appointment with Dr. Martin. I think she's tired of the altered diet and can't wait to eat normally again!

Thank You for the continued prayers for Rachel's recovery, it's because of those prayers that her recovery has been a good one!

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Kim said...

Great update! And I'm so happy to see a new picture. :)