Friday, December 03, 2010

Surgery and Rachel's Speech

Upon getting in to Rachel's mouth, Dr. Martin discovered an extensive hole in Rachel's hard palate that extended all the way back to the soft palate. He fixed it. And as the days went by following surgery, as the swelling started to decrease inside her mouth and in her nose, I started to notice Rachel's speech was sounding differently. It was more clear and crisp. Once the nasal stents came out, it was even more noticeable.

This past Wednesday, Rachel had speech therapy. It was the first time Dr. D'Antoino had seen her and heard her since surgery. It was a lot of work to get Rachel to talk that day, she was tired from school, shy for some reason, all the while still just being 2 weeks post op from major surgery.

But the little that she did talk was just enough. I wasn't wrong in my thinking that Rachel's speech had changed. Dr. D'Antonio heard it as well!! Rachel had less nasality (because the hole in her hard palate had been closed) and her production was clearer. Dr. D'Antonio was very excited and very pleased with how Rachel's surgery had already affected her speech.
Dr. D'Antonio and Rachel, the week before surgery.

Rachel still has a lot work in regards to her speech and sound production. But it's exciting to have this positive outcome from surgery and we really weren't expecting it!

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