Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Walk-A-Thon

Our school put on a Walk-A-Thon yesterday in hopes of it being our big fundraiser for the school year, rather than do a catalog fundraiser of cheesy stuff. The participation level was high, but as far as the fund raising portion of the event, now we wait for the monies and pledges to start rolling in.Rachel walked a smaller walking track that was designed for the Kindergarteners, the 1st graders, and the 2nd graders. There was A LOT of participation on this level. And a lot of parents and grandparents who came to watch and/or walk along side their walking student. Gramma came and cheered on her girls.

A lot of the teachers participated as well, sporting their tennis shoes and wearing the school colors and school shirt, they walked beside their kids, that is until they were ditched and left in the dust, like Rachel's teacher, Mrs. Thompson. Rachel absolutely LOVED the walk-a-thon. She walked 23 laps around her level of track and when it was all done and over, asked if we could do it again soon. Yea, not anytime soon, okay Rachel?!?! LOL. Rachel celebrated the ending of the Walk-a-Thon by getting s a sno cone. That combined with the cotton candy she'd gotten earlier made for one great sugar high!Thank You Papa and Gramma and Papa Steve for pledging and supporting Rachel and our school in the walk-a-thon!

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