Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Sean

This is Sean. Isn't he the cutest?? Tomorrow, Friday, September 24, he will be having his very first surgery, a lip repair. His surgery will take place at 2:30am PST (it'll be 5:30am his time).

I'm asking all of Rachel's prayer warriors to please be praying for his Mom and Dad, Jessica and Samuel. And for all the doctors and nurses that will have contact with him over the next few days. And please be praying for some restful sleep for Jessica tonight. She's anxious and emotional, something I can sure relate to!

Edited to Add: Friday morning.: Sean is out of surgery. All went well. Thank You to all who prayed! But keep praying, it's now recovery time!


Kari Marchelli said...

He's adoreable! I'll be praying for him and his family!

Jas said...

Hi I'm a Singapore Mom with a baby with cleft lip and palate.

My son had his lip surgery done 3 months ago. Dont worry, they recover very fast.

I'll keep Sean in my prayer. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Jessica M. said...

thank you all and sean is doing very well.