Monday, June 01, 2009

Meet Gavin

This is Gavin. He was born in March with a unilateral cleft lip and alveolar ridge. And I have actually had the privilege of meeting this little guy and his Mommy and Daddy in person!

Long story short, Gavin's Gramma goes to the same church as Rachel's Gramma and once his parents found our about his cleft on an ultrasound, someone in the church referred his Gramma to Rachel's Gramma because they knew of Rachel and her birth defect. Got that??

In March, days after his birth, I learned that Gavin had been re-admitted to the hospital for dehydration issues. Not having ever met his parents, Kelly and Matt, I wasn't shy about making my way to the hospital to meet them and offer any encouragement or advice I could. I always go back to how we would have felt had someone done that for us when we had Rachel, and I went with my emotions and feelings for how much we would have appreciated a visit, advice, encouragement from a "Been there, done that" family.

What wonderful parents the Lord has blessed Gavin with. Both Matt and Kelly were nice and accepting of my visit.

I've emailed with Kelly a few times since and I look forward to a day when we can see each other in person again and have her see Rachel in person and how the Lord has done wonderful things in her little life. But for now, I am able to keep up on the going ons of Gavin on his family blog, The Rogers Family.

Less than 3 months old and he's already proving to be quite the character with the ability to be soothed simply by the sound of the hair dryer and/or the running of the vacuum! One in which his loving Grandparents recorded and looped onto a CD! LOL. Check out his blog and watch him grow!


kelrogers said...

Aww... How sweet of you to mention Gavin in your blog. And we are also so glad that you chose to come visit us in the hospital. I only hope that I can continue the circle and be of help to another cleft-affected family someday. It is so nice to meet others who have been down the road that we are about to embark on.

Joy Howse said...

How funny on the timing of this post. She had just commented on my blog, having found it through yours. :) Paying it forward and helping those walking in our same path.