Friday, May 29, 2009

Cleaning Without Interruptions

This afternoon, I kid swapped with my brother and sister-in-law. They have Rachel and she is spending the night, and I have McKenzie. So the two younger cousins can play together, and the two older cousins can play and do 'older' girl stuff without the inquisitive little girlies.

But with Rachel gone, I was able to clean her room without any interruptions or struggles, etc. I cleaned out the toy box and straightened closet shelves and the toys on the shelves, cleaned out all the toys that were just shoved into the cupboards of the Little Tykes kitchen and put them into their proper homes. It feels great to have it clean and organized and having gotten it all done in less than two hours because Rachel wasn't here to 'play' with whatever I had out organizing and cleaning.

Now, if only her room can stay that way until after Tuesday, when her preschool class comes over for the year end party/picnic in the yard!


kelrogers said...

I bet that was quite a feeling of accomplishment! And I keep thinking that it will get easier to clean as Gavin gets older because I won't have to wait until he naps. Hmmm... I guess not!

On another note, I hope you're enjoying the Tea Party today. I wish I could have gone, but Gav is still struggling when it comes to the bottle. He has only taken it from my mom and she is out of town today. Maybe next year!

Joy Howse said...

LOVE uninterrupted organizing time. But sometimes I feel like she needs to be in there so she can see what work it takes to get it clean after she messes it up. Then again she doesn't appreciate it long by keeping it cleaning. UGH!!! I need to get her room done when I finish teaching in 2 weeks. Really, I need to do A LOT when I finish in 2 weeks. Happy weekend!!!

The Ski's said...

Doesn't that feel SOOOO good to get all that taken care of without any interruptions. I live for those kind of days when I really feel like I was able to get something accomplished. Usually during a cleaning session at our house the kids are making their own mess in another area of the house that then needs later cleaning. I am glad you were able to get some things accomplished! I am a tad jealous!!! : )Hope you are all well. Seems like it has been awhile since we have "connected". Enjoy your start to summer!