Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fun Times at Preschool

The Preschool year is quickly coming to an end and they are jam packing these last few days together.

On Tuesday, the preschool went on their final field trip to a nearby Nature Center where they hiked and made a fossil imprint, etc. I have no pictures (gasp!!) of that event as I was unable to drive like normal because I was at Hannah's Magnet School Open House.

Tuesday afternoon, we hosted the class year end picnic in our backyard. There were eight of the eleven classmates that showed up with their Mommies or Daddy and even some younger siblings too! The kids all had a great time playing, and Rachel LOVED having her Sunny Sunflower friends over to play at her house.Today was a fun day. There was face painting, a popcorn machine, balloons, and the morning ended with a visit from a very special someone! I hung out at the preschool all morning, helping Rachel's teacher out by taking down all the arts and crafts the kids had made for the Open House last month and putting them into bags for the kids to take home. The classrooms are starting to look really bare. It's sad really. I also helped the director blow up 78 balloons for the kids and just helped where I could. There aren't too many days left that I can do this and I was most happy to be at our preschool today.
With her friend, Kaylee.
At the end of the morning, Bubbles the Clown paid a visit to the preschool and she was a lot of fun. It's the same clown that was doing these visits over four years ago when Hannah attended the preschool and she was happy to hear that! Bubbles was hilarious! She really knew how to keep those preschoolers laughing, at some of the most simplest of things. LOL. She periodically needed volunteers to help her out with a trick or two, and my niece Haylee was lucky enough to be chosen for the final trick. Check out the expression on her face. It's as though her little mind is saying "My Daddy told me to be weary of anyone with pink hair". LOL. It was a fun morning. It's been a fun week. And next week proves to be another week of fun with water games on Tuesday and our very last class party on Thursday, ice cream sundaes!

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kelrogers said...

It looks like it was quite a fun week for Rachel! It's nice that all of her friends were able to come over to the house. She'll remember these fun times for years to come!