Monday, June 22, 2009

Disneyland with Mom

Rachel has been out of school now just over a week. Hannah's last day is a week from today, we cant' wait to officially start summer fun until she's out! Therefore Rachel and I went to Disneyland today! The weather was absolutely beautiful!!! The crowds were getting bad by the time we needed to leave to head back to home to pick Hannah up from school. So we were leaving at a good time.

Today was the last time in the foreseeable future that it'll just be me and Rachel on a trip to Disneyland. So while we weren't exactly celebrating that, we were celebrating being out of school! Thus the picture in front of the balloons, etc. :)We did all a lot of Rachel's favorites - waited in line to see Tinkerbell, her most favorite Disney character. She's so cute when she approaches characters these days. She told TInkerbell she saw her in the Fireworks last week and carried on a conversation with her and hugged her and was happy to see her. She's so stinkin cute.And of course there's the usual picture taking of the beautiful flowers and landscapes, although I put Rachel in a few of the shots this time. She's used to it. We had a good morning. Looking forward to some long days and into the evenings once Hannah is out of school next week!!


Jackie said...


Rachel is so cute! I can't believe how big she's getting. I'm glad you've kept the blog up to date and connected with a lot of other families. Have a great summer!


Claire said...

I love Disneyland, I've only been to the one in Paris but the feeling is indescribable. It makes you feel like you're a child again. Looks like you both had a lovely time. :-)

Krissy said...

I still think it is so great that you get to go to Disney so often! I've been three times over my life and it has always been hurry hurry and try to do everything b/c you don't know when you'll be back.

Have a great summer!!

The Ski's said...

LOVE that you are able to enjoy Disney like you do. We are possibly thinking of taking Ellie next summer...or winter if I can get my way!!!! We'll see! I think she would be able to handle it much better...and since we live so far away, we will have to do it all in one shot. Wish we could do what you all do...and just go whenever we would like. That is so neat!!!!! And so happy for Rachel's mail!!! Wow....That will be Ellie next year. Hard to believe!!!!!