Friday, June 19, 2009

Recovery Following Surgery

The recovery phase following any surgery on our cleft affected babes is difficult.

All of us been there, done that Moms can testify to that. The constant worry and stress as to if our baby is getting enough liquids to avoid dehydration. The constant fear that our babes are in pain. The bothersome arm restraints. And the list goes on and on.

Imagine if you were just days, two days to be exact, following a lip repair on your babe. You had feeding issues following surgery. Your anxiety level is already high. And you get the most devastating phone call of your life....Your Mom had been killed in a plane crash. Your biggest supporter of yourself being a Mom, your biggest supporter aside from your husband in the recovery phase following surgery. Now gone.

Just the thought, just knowing it happened to one of our own cleft affected families moves me to tears.

On Wednesday, Kelly, Gavin's Mommy, received that phone call. Her Mom had been killed in a plane crash late that afternoon.

For anyone who's ever prayed on behalf of Rachel, I come to you with a saddened heart and ask you to keep The Rogers Family in your prayers. It's hard enough dealing with the recovery phase following surgery, let alone adding a death in the family to the mix.

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The Ski's said...

Oh, my awful. Absolutely, we will keep little Gavin and his entire family in thoughts and prayers during this MOST difficult time. Please keep us updated....and so sorry to hear this. Prayers all around....