Friday, July 11, 2008

Rachel Gets Pierced Ears!

Little girls with pierced ears are cute, in my opinion. I've wanted to get Rachel's ears pierced for a while, but the first couple years of her life, I waited because I didn't want to have to take them out for any surgeries, etc. Then, last Fall when I started asking her if she'd like 'holes in her ears', I thought it best to wait because she was getting tubes in her ears and I didn't want to take the chance of her fussing with the earrings if her ears were bothering her, etc, etc.

But the last couple of months, she's been saying she wants 'holes in her ears' like Mommy and Hannah, and even her cousin McKenzie. So tonight, as we were looking for adventures while Daddy waited in line for four hours for an iPhone, I took Rachel to Claire's and got her ears pierced!

She was so excited. She climbed up into the chair, hugged the teddy bear, and sat patiently while the lady cleaned and prepped her ears. I was only going to get her ears pierced if both could be done at the same time. There was no way I was going to take the chance of getting one ear done, and then not the other if they were done one ear at a time. The ladies pierced her ears and she shed no tears, until it was all done and over and the load noise of the piercing guns had scared her. Once calm, she took a look in the mirror and liked what she saw!

She called Gramma and Papa and then we raced back to the Apple Store line to show Daddy and Hannah! Here's hoping she leaves them alone!


Liz said...

Very cute, Rachel!!! Even my big girl who is 7 years old isn't brave enough to have her ears pierced. You must have lots of courage! Way go go, honey! They're beautiful!

The Ski's said...

Rachel, your earrings are beautiful! You were so brave!!! Good job! And, Darcy, Ellie wants to know if she can move in with you so she can get her ears pierced, too??? She would love that...but we haven't allowed that yet. Hope all is well. Hugs to all!

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

YAY!!! What a big girl. John and I have joked several times about just asking the plastic surgeon to just quickly add a hole to each ear while she was already out. Seems like that would be much easier than the whole piercing gun ordeal. Rachel looks so proud!
We have decided to wait until Adalynn asks before we get hers pierced...looks like I only have a couple of years right?